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Professional Negligence Claims against Lawyers

Wherever you are in England or Wales, and whether you have a Professional Negligence claim against a Solicitor, Barrister or other Lawyer, we are confident that we can use our legal expertise to obtain the right result for you.

We deliver a great specialist nationwide service claiming compensation from another Solicitor, Barrister or other Lawyer for losses caused to you by their negligence.

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Why Us?

  • Matthew Wilkinson Solicitors have experience in dealing with highly complex matters and difficult cases.
  • We are a caring firm and are not just interested in a fee, but we are genuinely concerned about you and will work hard to achieve an outstanding result for you.
  • We are determined, motivated and tenacious in the pursuit of your interests and the results required.
  • We are trusted and relied upon by people like you who are let down by others and pride ourselves upon maintaining our integrity and restoring many of our Clients’ faith and trust in the law.

What Our Clients Say

During the last six years I have entrusted solicitors in Manchester, The Legal Complaints Department and the Ombudsman to try and resolve a Legal Negligence Claim against another Manchester Solicitor. All of this took over five years, without making any progress and proving very expensive so I decided I would look further afield for another solicitor to help in my search for justice. That is when my luck changed! I approached Matthew Wilkinson, I told him my story and he agreed to represent me in my claim for Legal Negligence. At that time I did not know how fortunate I had been to find Matthew, he is definitely a top solicitor, one of the very best. In my opinion, he would also make a good detective if he ever decides on a career change. He also made me feel very much at ease. He treated me more like a friend than a client. Thanks to Matthew’s diligent work, The opposition’s legal team decided to settle out of court. All the work had been completed within approximately eighteen months. I received over ?50.000.00 in compensation. After all these years I finally had the feeling that justice had been achieved. Thank you Matthew! Mr R, Manchester