Property and Conveyancing

When you are involved in property matters you are often dealing with the most valuable asset owned by your family or business. Whether it is a proposed purchase or sale or a different type of transaction or issue relating to property matters it is very important that the matter is dealt with accurately and that all possible efforts are made to reduce risks and problems for the future. There are many rules and laws affecting property transactions and which affect your legal rights in relation to property and with the law changing constantly it is important that you employ a Solicitor with sufficient knowledge and experience in property matters.

Legal Services - Property and Conveyancing

Why Us ?

We have extensive knowledge and over 30 years experience when it comes to property and conveyancing, which includes purchases, sales and all other property rights and interests. If at any time that you require legal services for these specific areas we would love to help you.

We work hard to provide all of our clients with courteous and accurate services to guide you through the entire process to completion. We understand that this can be a stressful and confusing time, which is why we do our best to handle the majority of the paperwork and will answer any questions that you may have to help make you feel more comfortable with the process.

There are often unforeseen circumstances that may arise which you are unprepared for but with our help we will be able to deal with anything that comes our way. We work hard to ensure that we make this process as smooth and as quick as possible to minimise the greater impact that it could otherwise possibly have on your life.

We can offer you a trustworthy team, which has your best interests at heart, and we will work hard to employ our experience to achieve the best outcome, whatever the nature of the transaction or property matter we are asked to process on your behalf.

Costs Involved

We realise that legal costs can be a great worry when you need help and support from a Solicitor which is why we offer a free enquiry which will allow you to contact us via telephone or email without obligation to ask any questions that you may have, address any concerns or to discuss your specific needs and the best way to move forward. If you decide to move forward with us we will provide you with a written estimate of the likely costs involved.

What Next ?

With most legal matters It is better to take action sooner rather than later. We know that contacting a Solicitor can create anxiety itself, which is why you can contact us without obligation.

Call us on 0800 043 9981 or dial 0333 577 0172 if calling from a mobile.

Complete a Free Online Enquiry or contact us via email on we’ll have a no obligation chat with you about what you need and what you hope to achieve. We’ll happily answer any questions or queries you have and give you advice on how to progress your matter


You can be sure if you contact us that whatever you ask us to do for you will be handled professionally and efficiently, so you can get the best outcome possible without any of the hassle.